Wrapping 2017

2017 flew by so fast… my head is still spinning!  I had a great year meeting and photographing so many people.  I picked up a few new editing tricks,  found some new angles to shoot from and fell in love with newborn photography.  To be totally honest I think I have an addiction to buying anything that could be used in a newborn shoot!  The ability to shop online at 11pm just fuels this addiction.

Lots of changes are coming in the next year.  The biggest change will be my address.  My family and I will be moving in 3 weeks.  My last session in my current home studio will be a 1st Birthday with a lil cutie.  No better way to close out my time on Charlotte Street.  I will also be taking steps to make photography my main source of income.  This terrifies the hubs!  It’s just the unknown income that will fluctuate that really has been holding me back.  The best thing about photography is that there is always something new to learn that I will always be evolving and finding inspiration in all kinds of places.  My photography brain keeps me up at night… thinking of a new poses to try out, colour pallets and lighting setups and obstacles.  Photography is really starting to take over and I couldn’t be a happier camper!  There is still a side of me that worries about keeping the lights on so I’m not totally ready to give up my casual job at the LCBO just yet.  I’ve set some goals for the year that I will need new and existing clients to help me reach.  Being proactive and organized is my new years resolution and I think this blog may help me accomplish this…..

The next blog post will include some information about what my move will mean to the studio and my clients as well as some important dates to remember for seasonal shoots.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays surrounded with family and friends!


This pic is from my last shoot of 2017 with my son and his GF for their Christmas Semi.  So stinking cute!


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